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Vietnamese-German Cooperation in Science and Technology since 1996

The Vietnamese-German cooperation in science and technology between MoST and BMBF was resumed in 1996. The first minutes on "cooperation in science, research, and technology" was signed in 1997. Since then, the bilateral cooperation has developed dynamically, particularly in the fields of water and sustainability research.

Office for Water and Environmental Technology was established in 2007

Based on the minutes of the inter-ministerial workgroup of MoST and BMBF on scientific-technological cooperation (WTZ) from September 2006, a joint "Office for Water and Environmental Technology" was established in Hanoi on 27 October 2007 in order to assure a continuous support of the cooperation in the field of water and environmental technology.

Inter-Ministerial Workgroup holds Meetings in Hanoi (2009) and Bonn (2011)

During the meeting in Hanoi in 2009, the inter-ministerial workgroup decided to intensify the bilateral cooperation in the direction of "research for sustainable development". Further details and priorities were elaborated and agreed upon during the meeting in 10/2011 in Bonn.

Reorganisation of the Office in 2013 to comply with Growing Challenges

In order to comply with future requirements of cooperation between MoST and BMBF, the office has been restructured and renamed "MoST/BMBF-Office for Research Cooperation on Water and Sustainability" (in short: "VD-Office for Water and Sustainability Research").

The intention was to align the cooperation in water and environmental research with the permanently growing challenges of the 21st century, and, considering global climate change, to develop sustainable solutions for the use of natural resources.

Due to an increased focus on sustainability research also socio-economic aspects gain in importance as they contribute to the development of technical and financial feasible solutions.

The way forward

To broaden the focus of the VD-Office from water and sustainability to other relevant fields (like natural recourses, energy/climate and land management) a new setup of the VD-Office is under preparation.

Another effort is to simplify the work procedures and legal requirements setup more flexible - without loosing the direct communication and cooperation between the departments and persons from both ministries, MOST and BMBF.

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