Workshop "Experience sharing in wastewater treatment"

At Can Tho Centre of Information and Documentation of DOST on March 12th 2013 there was a workshop which was jointly held by IDC, AKIZ Project and Dai Viet company, about "Experience sharing in wastewater treatment"

More than 120 delegates from hospitals, environmental management agencies of Mekong Delta and students of environmental fields from Colleges, university in Can Tho and mass media did come to this event.

At the workshop, delegates listened to 4 presentations of domestic and international experts about aspects of wastewater pretreatment, detoxification in wastewater; analysis of requirement for operation of wastewater treatment system and introduction of the mobile lab system, application of microorganisms in wastewater treatment.

The workshop was the chance to get experience from German experts and also to create a forum for agencies to discuss, exchange knowledge in environmental field.

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