International Workshop on "Solid Waste Treatment and Management Technology"

The Can Tho People’s Committee coordinated with the AKIZ Project of Germany to hold the Workshop about Technology for solid waste treatment and management on March 11th 2013

The workshop was aimed to create a forum among management agencies, enterprises of provinces in the Mekong Delta region to directly discuss together and with experts from Germany in managing and treating solid waste, thus that would help cities, provinces in Mekong Delta to have more information, solutions for management and treatment which are suitable to the real conditions, aiming to sustainable development.

The workshop stated that cities, provinces of Mekong Delta release about 600.000 tons/a of domestic solid waste, industrial solid waste about 47 million m3/a. most of those solid waste haven’t been throughly treated and managed before being discharged. As forecasted, the total amount of solid waste will be 5,000 tons/day by 2015 and will increase up to nearly 8,000 tons/day in 2020. Especially for Can Tho, the current domestic solid waste is 818 tons/day and is expected to increase up to 1,393 tons/day in 2020. In the mean time, the average ration for solid waste collection is just 60% and is mainly treated by landfilling.

In order to help provinces, cities in Mekong Delta to effectively manage solid waste, experts from Germany did propose some solutions in which landfilling was highly appreciated because it is most appropriate to the local conditions, easily to be implemented and with low expense. This method can minimize air, surface water and ground water pollution; when the landfill is full it can be renovated to other places for public purposes.

At the workshop, experts also introduces advanced solid waste treatment technologies which are applied in the world, investment models and financial investment models to implement solid waste treatment projects. – TTXVN

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