Water Information System for a Sustainable Development of the Mekong Delta

Map of WISDOM Project Area in Vietnam
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Duration: 04/2007 - 10/2013
Project Area: Can Tho Province, Tam Nong District and Tra Cu District
Project Website: www.wisdom.caf.dlr.de
Coordination: Germany:
Dr. Claudia Kuenzer
c/o German Aerospace Center
German Remote Sensing Data Center
Muenchner Str. 20, 82234 Wessling
Phone: +49 (0)81 53 28-32 80
M. Sc. Florian Moder
Ministry of Science and Technology
31 Han Thuyen, Ho Chi Min City
Phone: +84 (0)90 3 31 54 88

Project Description

Due to a strong population increase, changing climatic conditions and regulatory measures at the upper reaches of the Mekong, the delta is subject to severe changes. Therefore, decision makers, planners and local authorities have to face new challenges. Extreme flood events occur more frequently, drinking water availability is increasingly limited, soils show signs of salinization or acidification, species and complete habitats diminish. All these problems call for an optimized, integrated resource management. For this purpose detailed knowledge and hydrologic, hydraulic, ecologic and sociologic factors must be available. Furthermore, the cooperation of national institutes as well as national, regional and local authorities needs to be strengthened. It is the goal of WISDOM to jointly (Vietnamese and German partners) design and implement an Information System for the Mekong Delta, containing information from the fields of hydrology, sociology, information technology and earth observation. The integration of such data will enable the enduser of the system to perform analyses on very specific questions; and thus will supply the enduser with a tool supporting regional planning activities.

The design of the system puts the focus on the constant integration of available and newly generated data from all different disciplines. This enables useroriented analyses and custom designed querying to develop sustainable solutions in the field of resource management. Possible applications of the system are (1) the monitoring of floods and droughts, (2) evaluation of flood and drought risk, damage potential and actual damages, (3) analyses of water quality, pollution and sediment load, (4) the improvement of flood prediction via remotely sensed precipitation information, (5) detailed adaptation of surface and subsurface discharge models, (6) information of landcover- and landuse changes, (7) observation of settlement development, surface sealing and population growth.

German partners:

  • DLR-DFD - German Aerospace Center - German Remote Sensing Data Center,
  • UNU-EHS - United Nations University,
  • ZEF - Center for Development Research, Bonn,
  • University of Bonn,
  • GFZ - GeoForschungszentrum Potsdam,
  • University of Würzburg,
  • University of Karlsruhe,
  • DHI - DHI Water & Environment,
  • 2Wcom GmbH,
  • Eomap GmbH

Vietnamese partners:

  • SIWRR - The Southern Institute of Water Resources Research,
  • VAST-GIRS - Vietnamese Academy of Science and Technology - Division of Remote Sensing and GIS,
  • UIT - University of Information Technology,
  • Sub-NIAPP - Sub-National Institute for Agricultural Planning and Projection,
  • SISS - Southern Institute of Social Sciences,
  • CTU - Can Tho University,
  • The College of Technology and the Mekong Delta Development Institute,
  • SRHMC - Southern Region Hydro-Meteorological Centre,
  • IDR - Institute of Development Economics Research,
  • University of Economics

Photo: Paddy field prepared for sowing, Source: WISDOM

Photo: Flooded paddy field, Source: WISDOM

Photo: Training of experts (Training of Trainers) and employees from regional authorities in the use of the information system, Source: WISDOM

Photo: Experimental plant near Can Tho City for humification of sewage sludge (1), Source: WISDOM

Photo: Experimental plant near Can Tho City for humification of sewage sludge (2), Source: WISDOM

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